Treasure of Daskes

The Night tides in as a shallow rift to the unseen eye as a shadow flows as the currents of the sea and those who do not know .. it is the ink of the night and the light of the Sun for which he was born into. There stands a man in the rift of time shadowed by those who surround him and in a blink of an eye he is not seen.

Air Flows from the ground  and floats and flurries from the dust and gravel that surround it bringing forth what is meant to come and reappear without notice.  As the Air stops and the flow stills  A man of the name Renzick stands in the night with a Well lit Torch in his left hand and a dagger in his right hand  outside of an old abandoned house struggling on how to get inside. He sets down his Torch and Reaches into his pocket and brings out a Red pick  that he had created in his travels and uses it within the key hole to pick it .. (Click.. Click..Crack) the door opens and the Putrid smell of the undead comes flowing out into the night. (~Renzick Plugs his nose and begins to walk into the Old abandoned House~)  Anybody home??  (~Sarcastically remarks~) He then begins to walk into the Main Room of the building and stops instantly as he hears a little girls cry (~Daddy!! your home!~)

Renzick starts to get the cold chills and screams out (“Who are you and what is it that you want?”) There was silence… for Renzick remembers his Brother Gohon telling him that this house belonged to a Rich and Noble Family of the Daskes that had been Murdered by Robbers of the night in Yuri 47. Renzick then becomes overwhelmed with a feeling of Sadness as he begins to kneel down in the middle of the Main entrance room as he hears young childrens laughter and he begins to see spirits fading in and out around the house of the Daskes Family. He then sees two spirits that can be seen where the kitchen used to exist on the left side of the house where there is an Archway with a open doorway. Renzick gets up and begins to slowly walk towards the kitchen with a sorrowful heart and begins to watch the spirits interact with each other.

One of the Spirits begins to speak outloud and says (“Hello my
beautiful wife, I have missed you so much since I’ve been on my travels but, I assure you it has all been worth it because I have found a treasure for you!”). The other spirit begins to speak (” Why have you left me for so long! I was so sad..  and so very lonely!”). Renzick starts to peer in closer to get a better look and starts to see the shapes of the spirits and they look to be a man and a woman in there 30’s. The Man begins to speak once again (“You don’t have to worry anymore hun I am here now and I will be with you forever until the day I die my love!”). The Wife begins to speak but, in a lower tone of voice (“My husband I have waited for you so long but, there is something I have to tell you… that I have found som…”)

The Spirits Quickly turn and face the front door as if in shock and terror! The man says (“Run now! and grab the kids! I will fend them off!”) The Robbers begin to run in throughout the house and grab anything they can possibly  see of value and two of the robbers run into the Kitchen and see the family together with the Father holding a knife in hand. The Robbers don’t hesitate to pull out there swords and run towards the Father. One of the Robbers attacks and knocks the knife out of the Fathers hand and shifts around to put his  sword through the Fathers Stomach as the other Robber runs after the kids and Mother. The Father coughing out blood screams (“Run!!!!”) As the Mother trips over the backdoor steps and falls to the ground breaking her ankle she quickly turns around to see the
Robber above her with Sword held high. The Mother reaches up and pleads(“No! Please Don’t! No!!!!”) The Robbers sword runs through her chest and you hear nothing but the cold chill of the wind passing by. The Children look up at the Robber and as the Robber walks in closer

the Night Sky evelops the world for a moment and you hear childrens screams throughout the night.  (~The Dream state ends for Renzick and he still is on his knees in the Main Room of the Mansion~) Renzick begins to say (“What just happened?”) Shaken by the event that had happened he walks throughout the left side of the house where the incident had happened within his vision and begins to walk through where the old blood stains still reside and the back door which been had locked up.

Renzick reaches for his key and begins to unlock the back door where the family had tried to escape and unlocks it fairly quickly (Click.. Click.. Crack) the door opens and leads to the back steps. He walks down very slowly as the flash back flashes before him seeing the woman being stabbed through her chest and then disappears. Looking out into the distance of the back yard he sees something that sticks out near a Beat up Old tree. He now becomes very close to the tree and starts to see a mans skeleton with something in his hand. Renzick then kneels down to the skeleton figure and hears a whisper from it but, is very soft spoken (“I have found a treas..ure f.. o..r  you my W..ife”) Renzicks looks and sees a spirit flow through and fly into the sky from the skeleton and sees something Shiny in its hand.

He Then reaches down and opens up the Skeletons hands and sees a Golden Locket that is very beautiful. Opening the Locket a note falls from within it and it Reads (“You are my Wife to be and I planned on marrying you before I had gotten involved in this treasure hunt of mine but, then I realized after going throughout this long hunt for a Mystical treasure that I have been researching for so long… that I had it at home all this time and its you my Beautiful Wife!   Will you Marry me?”) Renzick envelops with sadness as he put the puzzle peices together and realized what his wife had planned on saying but, I guess in a way what you don’t know may not hurt you and in this case it killed him. (“Picking up the Mans treasure The Golden Locket .. he places it into his pocket and begins to walk back to his village and recollect all that has happened”) The
Picture fades out  as Renzick walks slowly down a Darkened Night path with his Well lit torch in his left hand and a dagger in his right hand.