The Merchant Guild of Koguryo warmly invites you to engage its services on a..

| |_ __ ___ __ _ ___ _ _ _ __ ___
| | ‘__/ _ \/ _` / __| | | | ‘__/ _ \
| | | | __/ (_| \__ \ |_| | | | __/
\_/_| \___|\__,_|___/\__,_|_| \___|
_ _ _ _
| | | | | | | |
| |_| |_ _ _ __ | |_ | |
| _ | | | | ‘_ \| __| | |
| | | | |_| | | | | |_ |_|
\_| |_/\__,_|_| |_|\__| (_)
** You will receive a Legend Mark and a RANDOM ITEM **
1. Contact any Guide or Freelance Treasure Hunter with an ((in-character)) request.
2. Once you receive your reply, pay a commission of only 150k.
3. Follow the instructions and receive your legend mark and a random item (given from the Treasure Hunt spell).

A list of Freelance Treasure Hunters who can help:

Acera (Tradesman):
This legendary tradesman is one of the oldest treasure hunters in the Merchant Guild and has a high degree of both practical and theoretical knowledge in treasure hunting. Instead of searching for any random item, Acera strategically hunts for treasures that satisfy lucrative niche markets. Although listed here as available, the likelihood of commissioning a treasure hunt through Acera is slim as his duties as Merchant Elder consume the majority of his time.

Barter (Collector):
Barter is a fun-loving collector. Going on a treasure hunt with him might find you digging through trash to collect obscure pieces for his collection, or maybe you?ll be sifting through collections to find obscure pieces of trash? come and find out.

Brandon (Scholar):
As a long-time Scholar, Brandon loves to study the origin and development of treasures from all over the lands and how they?ve come to impact the economy of our lands throughout the years. If you don?t mind stopping constantly for back in my day? stories about treasures along the way, Brandon?s your guy.

Living (Collector):
An old and quiet practitioner of the arts of the Collector. Living rarely chooses to bring company along when a treasure strikes his fancy. Once happy and willing to entertain dozens, age and wear has proven that an opportunity to join him on a hunt seems as if it would be a rare opportunity indeed.

Baltzen (Collector):
Baltzen is an old a weary man but a Collector none the less. On any given day you can find him sitting around drinking tea. He does not go on Treasure hunts much anymore unless you Spark his interest. When you spark his interest watch out he becomes a teenage again. So beware when you treasure hunt with him he is known for getting himself in trouble.

LCtheold (Tradesman):
LCtheOld considers himself the poorest in monetary value when it comes to most of the Merchants. However, what he lacks in Gold he makes up for in Might and prowess. LC will venture to the woods for the simplest of things or take you on a venture to the deepest depths of a cave. You will see things with great danger, but he will not even flinch. Seek LC for the most difficult of adventures you will not be disappointed.

Corleone (Gamesman):
Corleone love’s to gambling more than anything. He doesn’t really have a preference on which game or amount of the money. He also enjoys leaving the table with pocket full of coins. When doing so he continues to think of all the fancy and shiny things to buy. Treasure hunting for this Gamesman is a game and monetary value is the name. Don’t misunderstand when he loses, she put smile back on my face and head to the pub and drink until she forgets.

Please contact any of the above listed Freelance Treasure Hunters to assist you in your adventure.

Good luck, treasure hunters! Happy hunting!