(Updated: 11/24/19)

Engrave Policy

The Merchant path provides engrave services based on
the following guidelines:

– Engrave requests must adhere to all kingdom laws.

– All engrave requests must be in character.

– Engrave requests are limited to 32 characters.

– Engrave requests may not contain question marks (?).

– Engrave requests may be denied at the discretion of
the Guide who is performing the service.

– Any item that can be equipped may be engraved.

Engrave Pricing

Request Type Price
Roleplay/Story Engrave: Guide discretion
Traditional Engrave (** Example **): 450,000 Coins
Etched Engrave (|| Example ||): 600,000 Coins
Diamond-cut Engrave (<> Example <>): 750,000 Coins

UNIQUE Traditional Engrave: +600,000 Coins
UNIQUE Etched Engrave: +600,000 Coins
UNIQUE Diamond-cut Engrave: +600,000 Coins

Set engravings of any style: 10% Discount
Unengrave: 250,000 Coins

Note: Pricing on restricted engraves varies. Contact
the current Merchant Elder for details.

Engrave Instructions

You may contact any Merchant Guide, or the current
merchant elder, with your request. Requests may be made
in person or by n-mail.

When requesting an engrave please check to confirm that
it is not unique or restricted. You can find these lists
on our website at www.merchantguildtk.com.

Please be prepared with the correct engrave fee when you
meet with the Guide who has offered to fill your engrave

Place the item that you wish to be engraved at the top
of your bag (( inventory slot a )) so that the Guide
filling your request can work on it.

Engrave Restrictions

Some subpaths place restrictions on subpath item engrave
requests. Please check with your path before engraving
subpath items to be sure that no path rules are being

Subpath Elders may contact the current Merchant Elder if
they would like the Merchant Guild to provide details on
this post of any restrictions that exist for their path