The Spoils of War!

Hyul 43, Spring, 8th moon.  10:00 am

Today I made one of my weekly visits to the cave that the barbarian clans of our land call home.  The original purpose of my visit was to make my usual rounds around the hunter/gatherers fires to exchange some of our city luxuries and prepared goods for the various gems they come across.  Personal side note, next time bring extra moon wine, as the finest gems take far more wine to bargain for than originally expected, though profits were wonderful as usual.
Now, all was not unusual except for one minor detail that I intend to explore on the marrow.  As I bargained and sat around the fire with the barbarian Firesheath he mentioned that a barbarian by the name of Foozie had come across a rather unique gem off to the west of the cave.  I intend to visit my family archives to reference this Foozie I seem to recall from my childhood as this gem seems to be a potential gain for me in every sense.

Hyul 43, Spring, 9th moon.  11:47 pm

After having spent the past 18 hours locked in my families private study reading over personal logs, I have found mention of the name Foozie.  He is described as a barbarian of great cunning and intellect.  It is mentioned that this barbarian in particular is not to be underestimated when dealing with him in both trade and deed.
I can’t lie to myself, I am exhilarated by the prospect of meeting such a character, and attempting to test my mettle against his own.  For such a person, if he is still in possession of such a gem, I don’t even know what to bring in trade goods.  Though the records are old, there is mention of his great love for his family and wife.  More thought will be put into this problem and his family may be of use to my purpose.

Hyul 43, Spring, 11th moon.  2:00 pm

I plan to travel due west of the barbarian cave as Firesheath described.  I have had Walsuk gather me personal provisions such that I will not starve, and had her husband Ox introduce me to a contact that deals in island beauty products.  I had my choice of several exotic fruit blends for hair, skin and flavourings.  I chose a mixture of lime, ginger root and coconut water.  I wish I had the funds to bring more, but I must unfortunately rely on Kubera’s grace to see me through.  On the morrow, I shall strike out as planned to strike my bargain.

Hyul 43, Spring, 12th moon.  11:55 pm

Sleep has eluded me to present.  However, I have trekked several leagues west from the barbarian cave, with no sight of anything yet.  Firesheath’s description had me believe that I could reach this location in but a day.  Perhaps I will try to sleep for an hour and carry on as I still run on adrenaline.

Hyul 43, Spring, 14th moon.  9:00am

It seems that Kubera smiles upon me today.  As I awoke, I found myself surrounded by aggressive locals, armed to the teeth and looking to take prisoners.  Though it cost me most of my provisions, and the promise of my aid for whatever has angered them so, I found myself grateful to still be whole.  As we walked back east to their village, Knet, the leader of their expedition let me know why they were would to begin with.
Now it seems that not so long ago a man came to their village.  When he arrived, he was impressed by the religious icon that represented the spirit of the provider (an unusually large diamond).  Some unknown deity to me, but important to them.  They said the man carried a big axe, and challenged any who would for possession of the large diamond.  From what I understand of Foozie, from my past reading, he believes in the strong take what they will.  Perhaps he doesn’t know the magnitude of what he has done?  After all, there is 1 large, and several small villages worth of warriors searching for him as I write.  Later today, I will join a party to search for him, to recover this jewel.

Hyul 43, Spring, 14th moon.  7:00pm

My companions have returned home for evening prayers to be forgiven for losing the gods favor as they see it.  I opted to stay behind to continue my search.  I see a the smoke of a fire in the distance which I plan to visit.  I feel like a mouse caught between a snake and a cat.  I must be very careful as I proceed.  Kubera guide me.

Hyul 43, Spring, 15th moon.  2:00am

As I had hoped, the fire belonged to Foozie.  Upon mentioning Firesheath’s name, my life was spared yet again, and an audience around his fire was granted.  I explained the situation to him, only to have him laugh and say that he welcomed the challenge of their best warriors.  That he was finally going to get his challenge in battle.
Myself in awe, I began to think.  Would I be able to persuade this man bent on battle and prowess?  What can possibly be better to a barbarian than that?  Is there anything that they fear more than that?  Then it came to me!
“Foozie.” I began coolly and deliberately.  I continued  “Surely you can benefit from such battle experience, and surely your brethren will marvel at your deeds on the field.  However, have you now already achieved a measure of success?  Eluding your enemies.  Making them seem foolish.  Being unchallenged as you look so formidable?  Could not more be gained for you by dealing with me?”
To that he looked at his jewel and scoffed “Let them come!” as I had half expected…
‘Brave idiot’ I thought to myself.  Time to lay my cards on the table, and seek to talk to his inner man.  “Well then Foozie, I suppose it wouldn’t be better to be sure to survive, and brag of your many triumphs when you may battle on and gain more stories again.  I suppose these rare and exotic beauty products are of no interest to your wife.  Perhaps on my way back to your cave to trade, I will mention that you didn’t care enough for her to have these prominent status items as I give them to another man for his wife?  I wonder what might go through her mind?  Ahhh, but hey.  I’m sure a man like you doesn’t care, nor fear any such reprisals.”
I could describe the at first great rage, followed by sage thought in an entire volume, but I shall spare you that.  Long story short, we had a deal.  Here I sit, half prisoner half guest at his fire, unsure of my future.  Now I am better off quickly departing before he changes his mind.

Hyul 43, Spring, 15th moon.  8:15am

I have come across my village friends jewel in hand!  Though much to my surprise, they took it from my hands without so much as to ask for it, nor any thank you either.  I do however write from their humble village, partaking of the customary religious meal of wheat and some sort of fowl.  I was told I must depart on the marrow, and that perhaps, next spring when their losses are recovered, I should return, alone.  A trusting people no?

Hyul 43, Spring, 22th moon.  3:20pm

As I sit here at home, I recall the strangeness of my journey.  Did I make a friend?  An acquaintance?  An enemy?  Or a combination of the two?  One thin is certain, I know that I did the right thing, sharing my wealth for the good of those folk.  However, I do so hope that it doesn’t come back to bite me sooner or later in the future.