The Lucky Rabbit’s Ear

Hmm, I feel as though I have been out of luck lately. Losing gambles that I once could analyze odds, finding that my items suddenly breaking while trying to boss hunt, and being destroyed by bosses.

While I was attending one of the guild’s midday madness events, a psychic approached me. They claimed they could see the clouds that block the luck that I once had. Now, I know that luck is just a superstition and that it has more to do with chance. But maybe, there is a slight chance, I want to believe it exists.

A suggestion came from the seer, that I go out, find a rabbit and acquire a piece of it’s ear which favored. With it’s properties to hear the luck, it would warn me when not to place risk.

Such a silly thought I pondered for a moment. But the look on the psychic’s face seemed serious. I’ve never been one to turn down an offer to help me. So I figured why not try to find something as simple as that.

There is a cave within the Woodlands where the rabbit’s gather in mass she explained. After she told me of that, she mentioned that I be careful, as rabbits are masters of luck and would try to take advantage every chance they get of my predicament.

Rabbits are not the scariest thing in these lands to me anymore. I once feared the golden rabbit that wandered the Wilderness, but no more of those childish fears. I set out to the Land of the Dead, where my journey would take me through and to the cave.

On my arrival, I had to laugh. It was a pink fuzzy cave with flowers all around it, something so girly could obviously not be a serious threat to a Daredevil. I pressed onwards into the caves.

I may have spoken to soon, as within the first 30 seconds into the cave, I was blinded by every possible thing. I could feel glares by rabbits hitting me, and weakening me every second I stayed in there.

I began to swing in fear for my life, hoping that I was just destroying every rabbit that came near. Luckily I heard one scream and then the blinding stopped. When my eyes finally opened up, I had witnessed what I had done.

The rabbit’s head laid on the ground bare, and I could feel even more glares hit me now more than ever. I had enraged the rabbits, even though they now ran in fear of me.

Grabbing the head, I ran as quickly out of the cave as possible. No one should ever have to experience the threats of rabbits like that. Cutting it’s ear off, I figured I might as well keep the entire thing, as a victory medal for fighting blindly.

Plus if I ever needed another rabbits ear, I could just take the other one off the head. But that being said, my luck has been better ever since then. I have been winning my gambles when I felt the good vibrations of the ear.