The Golden Acorn Hunt

As I begin my journey to search for twenty golden acorns so that I could move to another city to live. I begin with trying to find the best place to gather them. With hours and hours of studing I come to deciding to start my destanation in Nagnang, But before I do that, I gather all the things thats gonna be needed to gather all twenty of them. Trying to think of the thinks that could make the squirrels come to me. I begen wondering what could work, then I come across some acorns and was like these will work. So I gather my acorns, grilled beef and some noodles so that I would have food, and some warm clothes because this will take sometime. As I arrived in Nagnang I head toward the east gate and head south. I decide to head to the green squirrels because nothing else would get into the way of my golden acorns. When I approach the area with my squirrels, I set a few traps and begin searching for good spots to place them. They beginning wondering my direction so I begin trapping them and gathering my acorns. This took a few hours, after getting them, I went back to where my new home would be, Kugnae. I turn them into the master that would allow me to change my nation of living. He then accepted them and That was my new home