The Rooster

I awoke from my dream in a sweat again. I swear, I will end this, I will not suffer any longer for what I have done. I will not be afraid. The Rooster avenger is a dead man. So what if I killed some of his family? So what if I frequent the cave and have killed his brother the Spirit rooster many times? I can hear his screech all the way in Buya! “Aiiiiiii” He calls it again and again, and it terrifies me. But no more, I refuse. I will end this! I collected my clothing at the foot of my bed, some of the best armors every forged for a mage within the kingdoms.

I gather some paper to write on, some ambers to enchant the paper, and ink to write with. I write just as the old scribe atop Scribe’s mountain taught me to. I let the gods guide me and before I know it the whole parchment is filled with symbols I cannot understand, but I know the purpose of this scroll. I roll it up and before tucking it into my pouch I scribble across the rounded side “protection”.

Next, I head to the Buyan butcher, she has 100 bear’s livers which though my wife complains may be causing me to pick up a few extra pounds, they are simply delicious! All is well, I will only use them if I get into deep trouble. While I am out and about in the area, I visit the local alchemist and purchase 2 blood red potions. It is rumored that in dire circumstance these can fully restore my vitality. I now have protection, food, and beverage for what is sure to be a very long journey.

I focus myself and warp to western Buya and begin heading toward the vale. Once there I channel my abilities and am teleported right outside of the home of my mortal enemy. Summoning all of my courage I venture in. The sight inside is one I recall from my past visits here and it still chills my bones as I pen this. Corpses line the floor, and enraged friends of those fallen swarm me in anger. I channel my magical abilities and stop my foes in their path. They can do nothing but stand frozen in fear, they know what I have come to do. Though expecting a long tiring journey into the cave, I am surprised to find my foe as eager to fight as myself and he meets me within the second room of his home. He will not allow me to go any further without a fight.

I dig through my sack and pull out the scroll that I had scribed only hours before. I attempt to read the words, but nothing will happen. These symbols I cannot understand them. I begin to pray to the gods for enlightenment and the scroll began to shine brightly and it crumbled away in my hands, but I felt safe, secure. I enchanted myself with the powers of sanctuary and hardened my armor for a fight. “AIIIIIIIIIIII!” the Avenger screamed at me but I would not relent. Hellfire after hellfire we stood in deadlock. Then it happened. The Rooster avenger in a moment of clarity poisoned me and began his relentless assault. I stood helpless with no energy for my mind and felt the life draining from my body. Then I rememered, the potion! Removing the cork from my potion I quickly swallowed. It was extremely bitter and I choked trying to drink it as quickly as possible. It worked, my vitality had been restored, but I was still hindered by this poison. Then it occured to me that when I was nothing more than a fledgeling mage, my guildmaster taught me a rememdy for this. Looking back trying to remember it clicked. Once I removed the poison from my veins I regrouped and prepared for the death blow. I chanted and the rooster fell into a dead sleep “Aiiiiii” were the last words he ever got to speak. As my hellfire burned through his flesh and into his very soul I watched the horrified look in his eyes.

My foe was dead.

To this day, that look still haunts me, and to this day I hear him calling, wanting revenge. However, I proudly wear THIS to remember my actions on that fateful day. *Removes a glowing stone from his sack*