The Banana Hammock

Once upon a time, my wife got angry at me. She broke my lucky hammock that we used to keep on the front yard. It was there, where I got my first kiss. And there where I wished that I would join the Merchant’s guild one day.

Being a creative merchant, I have thought up an idea. To find the giant leaves of the banana tree. But, to get there, I would have to journey across a desert, deep into the jungle of aggressive monkeys, and climb the highest tree to find one.

Again, I would require the use of my rope and blade on this trip to the jungle. After kissing my wife goodbye, I set out for my vacation to get the materials for the hammock.

After a week of my travels, I had arrive arrived at the first trial of my trip… the desert. One of the harshest of lands and yet some of the greatest things thrive here. Using water skins from a previous adventure, I trekked onwards until I came to an impass.

Boulders that seemed to block the way from the jungle. And the heat bearing down on me, I decided to take a break from walking.

Finding a nice little overhead covering from the rocks, I began to think up a new route to travel. Then all of a sudden, a travelling gypsy came into view.

I could of swore that I was hallucinating from all this heat exposure, but it was a sight for sore eyes. Waving at them they headed towards me, caravan and all.

Explaining my situation to them and how I am currently in a bind, they offered me a suggestion. They carried wares of the explosive type, one that is strong enough to clear any blocking I could encounter. I asked to see a demonstration of the explosive in action and they obliged by blowing up the entire impass!

Excited to see such a dangerous and beautiful thing happen, I had to purchase several of them! A merchant such as myself had never seen such a powerful yet contained blast before, and it was in the form of a clay! I could see so many uses for it back home and on my adventures. Also I told them of our guild in Kugnae, and that we would be willing to open trade with them.

With my current predicament solved, I had enough rest to continue. Bidding the caravaners farewell, I headed west.

Finally, the long expected jungle in front of me as I crossed the last dune. A warmth even hotter then before from the humid jungle wafted at me. Checking my rope and my blade, I began to venture into the dreaded monkey jungle.

There is always an awkward feeling you get when you venture into a place where you can’t see past the brush and trees around you. The feeling that you are being watched, and are put into a constant edge. Even remaining silent, it seems like the entire jungle knows you are there. Watching, waiting for it’s chance to grab you with your guard down.

Now is the time to look for a grove where the banana trees grow, thick and tall. Hoping that I don’t bump into any of the monkeys that are almost as scary as an in-law, I set up camp for the night.

This camp is more like a fortified bunker. I did not want anything to see me and no surprise visits for the night. I think the only thing safer than this encampment, is being locked into a safe.

The next day, I arose from my “bunker” and packed up everything I could carry. Then I decided instead of staying on the ground, I would climb to the canopy level of the forest, just incase the monkeys were above in the emergent, I’d still have covering.

Perhaps I spoke to soon though, for I encountered a baby monkey that shrieked loud enough to alert it’s mother and every other animal in sight! Falling backwards, I slipped out of the tree, breaking many branches and bones on my way down, until I was caught by a vine. It was then I knew, I may die.

But, fate had a different plan for me. I must of resembled that of a god to them, for they removed me from my predicament and brought me to a cave to rest from my fall.
I think what it was, was the fact that I had found the baby monkey. They seemed really grateful for some reason and offered me bugs(ick) and varying fruits.

Not knowing how long I had been in that cave, I began to feel much better. Sadly, my luck seemed to change once again for the worse…

Apparently the monkeys were not the aggressive ones, the gorrilas were. They had seen the monkeys coming in and out for days, and figured it would be a good time to trap them within the cave!

Once again, the boulders block me in, until I realize how I had acquired some lovely bombs earlier. I signalled the monkeys to move back, as it may cause a cave in on top of us. And I primed the charge as I was shown.

FIRE IN THE HOLE! And it was clear. Monkeys and babies jumping for joy as the light shown through the smoke. They all must of thought it was the end for them. One even gave me a high five(sweet) and a hug!

The gorrilas however, must of heard the explosion and I had to quickly prepare to vacate before their arrival. They say a gorrila’s muscles are so strong, that if they were transplanted onto a person, and were flexed, it would shatter the bone. Not sticking around to see how powerful they really are when angry.

The monkeys then began to hint at something and wanted me to follow them. Low and behold a convienence in my jungle excusion! A banana grove that just so happened to have the right sized leafs for my hammock. Might as well pick a few bananas while I’m here too, for my death march back.

I found one of the biggest leaves I had ever heard of, must be at least 4 polearms length. With something so massive and thick, I had to fold it into a brick and tie it gently so I wouldn’t damage it until I brought it home to prep it for long-term use.

With all my goals achieved in the jungle, I set back for home. Filling up my water skins along the way, as to be prepared for the worst in the desert sun.

Now that I had crossed an endless sea of sand twice within a month, received powerful explosives, breaking a couple bones, escaped certain cave doom, it was time to rest in my creation.

As I walked down the road that I had set out on last month, my wife noticed me and came running to my arms. She had worried that I may have been lost or worse. The caravan that I had encountered were there not a few weeks ago, but 3 months! I was inside that cave, healing up for a fourth of a year!

Well, needless to say, I began to work on the biggest hammock ever thought possible. After 3 days, it was complete. The leaf turned yellow from the agent applied so it wouldn’t dry out and resembled that of a banana.

I spent the next 12 hours, cuddled up next to my caring and cute wife. Telling her how sorry I was for being absent for so long. All she did was giggle and say that I need not worry.