Pham’s First Journey

Pham Xin, having set upon his journey along the path of riches, decided to let his better judgement fall to the way side.  In doing so, he decided that it was time that he went forth and actually hunted down one of the relics he so desired.  With a few options at his behest, such as the local library, local historians or even legends recanted through scrool, he instead opted for a quick and easy resource for information.  He stepped foot into a local tavern, and simply began asking the patrons if they knew of any locations nearby that were known for their age.  One elderly man told him the village of Pangjun, which had fallen victim to a fire many years ago and had been abandoned.  The ruins were said to be all but gone, but some of the foundations of the homes could still be seen.

Pham set forth to the library from the tavern, with specific knowledge in mind.  He discussed the location with Pond and asked him if he had any materials on the location.  Pond was unaware of anything on hand about the village itself, however he did offer up a scroll that contained knowledge of the pertinent area, in a geographical sense.  Through this scroll, Pham was able to determine that the village would likely be located on the other side of a small mountain, though the village itself was likely on a plateau.  In preparation for such a trip, he acquired some mountain climbing gear from a local shopkeep.  In addition, he stocked up on some food, some water and even a bit of bandages.  He loaded up his horse and set forth upon his journey.

he would travel for several days before happening upon the mountains that the scroll told of.  They seemed to be a little steeper though than the scroll would have lead him to believe.  He was forced to tie his horse up and hope that nothing happened to it while he was away.  He grabbed the climbing gear, a little food, a little water and just one set of bandages.  Setting forth, he scaled the mountain with somewhat relative ease.  He was not an experienced mountain climber, but then again, this wasn’t exactly a large mountain.  It took him only a couple hours to get the peak.  Looking down, he was surprised at what he saw.  He could see the remains of the village near the base of the mountain.  Though it was grown over, he could make out the silhouettes where a few of the buildings had once rested.  This side was not nearly as steep, and the remnants of a path down were visible.

Upon completing his journey down, he would begin to examine the plots of land that once held people that may have lived as he once did.  After spending a couple hours examing the plots, and finding no visible remnants of the past inhabitants, he had all but given up.  Suddenly, he slipped through ground, a whole opening up, forcing him to fall several feet.  A sharp pain overtook his leg, and it took a moment for him to regain his wits.  Once he did, he realized he hand landed in what used to be a cellar.  It appeared pretty stripped, however on the ground near him were a few broken plates and a cracked bowl.  Happily he crawled over to them and clutched them in his hands.  They may not seem like much to anyone else, but to him, this is his life.  He carefully put the relics into his bag, and while in there removed the bandage.  Upon falling, he had gashed his leg pretty bad, so he had to dress the wound.  Once dressed he turned his attention to getting out.

Luckily, he had the climbing equipment with him, so he was able to use it to carefully climb out of the hole.  He would then make his way up the mountain and carefully work his way back down.  Luckily, his horse was still waiting for him on the other side.  He set up camp for the evening and would begin the journey back home in the morning.  He was a little worse for wear, but happy to have retrieved something that felt closer to home.  So, he shut his eyes and fell asleep, knowing that his first journey was a success.