After hearing about the events that took place on that caravan, I set out to find the material that was lost.

Being a Daredevil, my body has been trained under tough conditions. I have become stronger than I have ever been and will destroy the thieves who has stolen our fellow merchant’s items. Holding my trusty blade forged by Taik pae, I journeyed into the scoundrel’s lair, Zin-Te’s.

Now ogres are probably the ugliest thing to walk this side of the Yuri river. Their ugliness is compensated by their brute strength and lack of a brain to respond to damage. This may be a bit challenging even for someone such as myself.

But, I must prevail. Even if the stench of this lair is overpowering to say the least, ogres don’t shower! Knocking over 150 various ogres, I had acquired half of what was missing, the ambers. Their bodies laid many behind me, most still thinking I make tasties, whatever that means.

Then I encountered an ogre of caliber so great, not even the mightiest of fighters can topple so easily. He was a horrendously covered ogre, most likely an older ogre since they never bathe. One so dirty looking that one would think the stench of the cave came from him.

Holding my breath till my face turns blue, I started the fight by poking his eyes out. Even our enemies in vortex say “Hard to see in here SelFish? Try fighting without your sight!” A move that all fighters should know is key to winning an unfair battle.

Using a sweeping move I learned during many Devil’s dances, I knock the ogre onto the ground, then thrust my blade into his throat. The smell was too great for my body to endure, and I ended up passing out.

When I awoke, I found myself in a cage, but it was in the boss’ lair, Zin-Te. He was aware of what I had done and I saw all the ambers I had re-collected in a treasure chest across the room, as well as the Holy ring that I was still searching for. Now if only I could figure a way out of this cage.

Realizing where I am, I told Zin-Te that I make tasty, and he happily let me out. Luckily this old fool doesn’t realize what I am about to do to his face. I did make him a tasty, but one with explosive properties! He gobbled it up, and went to thank me for it. By the time he turned around, I was already gone with the treasure and halfway out of the cave.

Sprinting as fast as I could, I heard the explosion behind me. The cave shook fierce and it started to collapse on me. At least I have my Ninetails mount that I can summon at anytime. Jumping on the mount, I finished my great escape from the cave with the items intact.

Never again do I wish to journey into such a smelly place, and I hope the customer that purchases the items don’t mind the stench.