I heard the hurt and pain of losing cargo
bought by his hard earned cash.  I set in my
mind to do what I can to find some of this
cargo.  Knowing one of the notorious
thieves I set out to find him.  Ummm,
Dekari was his name if I remember.  I
Knew that I could find him in any number
of the bars that were scattered all around.
Searching the bars I finally found him.  Now
information was not going to be easy to get
from him.  I knew his favorite drink so I
bought some whiskey, some of that dark
kind.  After a few drinks his tongue was
loosened.  He started to brag on his latest
exploits.  He inadvertently told the locations
of the loot.  Most of it was buried.  I found
a Holy ring in a shallow hole in the ground.

Now the ambers were another problem.
Those were given to be held by the skeletons
in Vale.  They did not give up their treasure
easily.  After cleaning some bones they were

I am hoping that the rest of the cargo will
be found and justice be served.