Dear Mr. Cybe,

By your post, I was intrigued to find those items you’ve lost in your family ambushed cargo, and by your information the items unfortunately have scattered throughout the kingdom.

Island of Hausson is always be my favourite place in searching for unusual goods, although sometimes inhabited by pirates, due to the multitude of foreigns ships and traders carrying items from all over the world harbouring at its busy ports.

The great burning of Hausson’s soil seasons ago caused an immense damages to the island and for sometimes it had disturbed its harbors’ activity. Yet, the reconstruction has mostly restored its traffic.

I began my search in this island. And seemingly the black market, piracy and banditry activity are increasing as a response of few past issues concerning the King which has been affecting most of the citizens.

First, I visited the island only running-tavern and met its housecarl, Haggard. After having a quick meal, I asked him whether he knows any information about a cargo heading to Shilla which was ambushed a while ago. He then pointed a group of men who about leaving his tavern and explained he unintetionally eavesdropped their conversation mentioning failed cargos.

Then I approached those men and actually they are merchants from foreign lands. I told them that I was only a trader looking for a kind of jewelries and gems. They offered me a cargo box full of items I said in needing. They allowed me to view inside the box and yes, it was full of items you mentioned. After a negotiation, we reached a deal and suprisingly those merchants were willingly to value the goods below the markets’.

A trade were made and finally asking them if I can find any of these items in a good price elsewhere. They told me maybe I will want to try a market near the border of Han, every week there is an auction of unidentified and failed cargos.

This is the information I could gather. I hope it will never be too late for someone to retrieve your family’s possessions.