Minor Quest Treasure Hunt

As I go to my clan so that I could recieve my next minor quest. After asking what is needed to be killed, I was later told that a Giant scorpion needed to be slayed.

As I return to begin gathering items for mMiny quest to head out and seek the lobster. I gather some wool because it could take sometime to get the right location of it, so may need some warm clothes made. I contact a tailor to make them for me. I think do a little research to find out what kind of things they eat and where they could be found. After doing reseach I gather information about seaweed. I collect enough to make sure I can lure them to a safe place for me to trap it without being seen by things that could harm me.

Knowing everything that I need to slay the Giant scropion, I being my travels to the Kugnae spider cave to setting my seaweed up so that it can be lured to myself.

I begin waiting to capture and kill the scorpion. After a few hours I begin to hear something. Hiding from the sound, I start to look around and out of the corner of my eye, I see the beast that is needing to be slay’d. I wait for it to get closer so that I have no worries about it getting away. All of a sudden its right there. I jump out of the spot that im hiding and killing. I gather it tail so that I can go back to the master to prove that it has been killed so that I can get my experience.