Buyan Royal Treasure

I sat in the house working on another brew; my typical
day. I looked around and noticed that I had a pretty good
collection going. I owned some of the finest blades,
armors, and a few random artifacts. They were some of the
finest items money or a hunter could acquire… but they
would hardly compare to what I would come to own next. I
already knew where I would find my next ‘treasure’–The
Buyan palace.

To navigate such a large building, I would need a
blueprint. I knew where to get one. A short week after
talking to the Ministry of Koguryo, I was allowed a
somewhat private meeting with King MuHyul. I knew this
smooth-talker would have a map of the Buyan palace. Need I
explain why? A brief explanation was all that was needed
for King Mhul to fork over his floorplans with a smirk on
his face. Back to planning.

Guards at the palace would be focused on security at
the upcoming Defenders Ceremony, possibly leaving most of
the palace under low supervision. No challenge anticipated.
But I still had to blend in at there. Who is going to
willfully let some scraggly-lookin’ drunk stumble around
inside their “royal” and “prestigious” grounds? I needed a
disguise because there was no way in hell I was trimming
my hair or shaving my beard… well, I could stand to
shave the beard.

How curious… what wonders a fine dress, a little
powder, and some packed lumps of Hamgyong jelly can bestow
upon a male. In my dark purple style, I looked just like
one of those air-headed Muses. I would fit right in with
the Buyan crowd.

After passing through the couryard, I stuck to the
memorized route from Mhul’s map. I kept my presence
low-key… not that there were many guards in the private
quarters of the palace at that time. I peered inside rooms
hidden behind grandiose doors just for kicks and grins. I
knew I wouldn’t find what I was after in them. I arrived at
a door, different from the rest–the destination of my
search. I cracked it open slipped inside. I emerged just
moments later and headed for the exit.

Another meeting was arranged with King Mhul. After all,
I had his blueprints, and surely they weren’t mine to keep.
I walked in with his plans in one hand, the other hand
clenched in a fist. He had that same smirk on his face as
when I left. I nodded and handed him his design sketches.
Once they were in his possession, the king peered down at
my fist, practically begging me to show him what my hunt
yielded. His eyes were focused on my white-knuckled grip as
it rose to eye level. I opened my hand, and dangling in my
palm, were Lasahn’s panties. The good king roared with

Back at the house, I flung them into my stash my
collection of ‘goods’ and chuckled a little. What a life.