An Adventure

A few days ago, a caravan of gypsies came through my town speaking of unspeakable riches in a rather dangerous location. They were talking of gold and jewels beyond their dreams and a few of their family had gone in, but had never come back out again. Fearing for the worst they flead the area telling of their tales along their trip and how upset they were to lose such precious family for just money.

I twigged up on this while I was at the Dragon pub one night with my ale in hand and I was a little drunk at the time. I went over to them and had a talk with them, the conversation went way into the night and I made my way home about 2am in the morning. The next morning I had a bad headache from drinking all the ale but something remained. One of the gypsies had written down coordinates of this location on a peice of paper for me. I looked at it and thought, “what on earth is this?” completely forgetting about the previous nights conversations.

I then remembered a little of the conversation and remembered them telling me about treasure but I had forgotten all about the dangers as lets be honest, im fearless. I love a good challenge and if it makes me rich in the meantime, hell with it. I set up all the items that I thought I might require, I took my rock pick for climbing, some rope just in case, a lantern to light my way and a shovel for digging the riches up. The only problem I had was if I found treasure in large quantity how would I move it? I remembered that last christmas I was given a sleigh and I never used it, so i stashed that along for good measure. *Smiles*

So that afternoon I went to the area and found a cave, wondering into the deep darkness that layed ahead of me; I pulled out my lantern and lit it. The area was very narrow and lots of tunnels everywhere, laying down my rope I tied it to the entrance and walked in, this would secure me being able to escape in the time I was in there as it was very long. As I wandered down the path I saw 2 boys sitting their in dispair, they looked half dead. Quickly looking at them, they were still alive. I put them in my sleigh and took them out of the cave and took them back to the village where the gypsies were. Cries of happiness rang all over the streets to see their loved ones return, they thanked me for my bravery and awarded me their most precious possession for returning their family, their gratitude. -Whispers- and a bit of gold, but whos to know? *winks*