A Black Parchment, Dated Hyul, 6

–A black parchment is held to the board with a blood-stained dagger.  The light around the parchment seems to disappear, as if it is being absorbed by the papers.  As your eyes begin to adjust, you see letters appear in a fine grey charcoal color.–


I am a hunter of treasures long ago lost by man.  The kinds that you read about in story books, or spoken of only in hushed whispers.  Sometimes, services are contracted to obtain these relics.  Other times, it is purely for my own pleasure.  Tonight I shall share some of my journal entries with you, of a treasure I collected long ago.

Hyul 6, Spring:.

I can feel my heart pulling me to the shores of Hausson when I wake this morning.  Walking in the water as waves crash upon the sand, I see a shadowy figure darting behind the tavern.  This man is no ordinary rogue, I can tell by the fluidity of his movement.  I follow his scent to a hollow barrel atop a tunnel.  I now find myself far below the sea floor in a dark cavern.  My merchant staff provides sufficient light to see where I’m stepping, but not much farther ahead.  Something within me is stirring, a part long forgotten.  Many hours I have walked, and in a small room within the cavern I make a cold camp.

Day two:

My sleep was short this night, as I was brought back to the realm of awakedness by the fire burning deep within my soul.  I resume trailing the swift rogue from a distance, and without my torch to give away my position.  Three miles ahead, I find natural light coming in from the surface.  Carefully approaching the exit, I can see a collection of swashbucklers unloading vast sums of loot from their ships.  Just as I had suspected, the man I trailed was the infamous Bluestone.  The snake who had taken from my people, stolen our craftsmen’s tools, murdered our family.  I stay my blade and quietly approach the ringleader of this motled troupe.  He slowly nods to me, and I to him.  No words exchanged, but a deep understanding is found.  I head back into the cavern, but I do not return home.  A passage shoots off to the left, which I had not seen on my way to the island.

–The next page is missing, but you cannot tell why.  The winds pick up and send a blood-curdling chill down your spine, and you can only surmise what foul things happened during these lost days.–

Hyul 6, Summer:.

I have found what I came here for.  My ancestors left a piece of our history deep beneath the sands of the pirate’s island.  I have found Sorrow’s Embrace, and enrobed myself in its cold touch.  I have returned to my home in Koguryo a new woman.  Townsfolk cry when my shadow passes them, and my battle-scarred arms only hint at my exploits.  My clansmen shy away from me, though the few brave approach me bearing claims of treason.  I disregard their presence, staring into the blackness of the shade from whence I came.  They cannot possibly comprehend my motivations, their language simply does not possess the words to express them.  They turn their backs to me, but always keeping one eye turned my way.  Cries of betrayal and treason they make.  Neither confirm nor deny them, I smile sweetly behind my mask as I revel in the soul-sating touch of Sorrow’s Embrace.