What Is Wealth?

Wealth is not simply the accumulation of riches. It is having what you need to satisfy your needs and wants. A rich man could always desire more than what he had, always seeking more until he died an unfulfilled man. A poor farmer could go through his life on his single farm with his family, rising early in the morning for a full day of manual labor, and live, still fit and spiritually complete, to an old age that no amount of money could buy.

I consider myself well-off because I have some money in the bank. A hundred thousand gold, sometimes a hundred and fifty. It’s enough to pay any repair costs I have, pick up an item that catches my eye in the Market, or give to someone who just looks like they could use a bit more money in their own pockets.

I consider myself wealthy because I’m happy. I have friends, a family I love, and a subpath I enjoy being the Elder of. I have everything I need, and everything I could ever want. I enjoy my life just as it is. Few people in Nexus can say they’re truly wealthy, no matter how much money Walsuk says they have banked.

I ask you, as you read the other entries on this board, to consider the difference. You may be rich, but are you truly wealthy? Only you can make that decision.

Fair trades and happy reading,

– ShadeDraco