What is a Merchant?

A lot of people have asked me about my thoughts on what being a Merchant is all about. I would like to share my thoughts here on the matter.

There really is no personality that can be considered that of a ‘Merchant.’ The one main similarity is that every Merchant is interested in acquring wealth.

Before I continue, allow me to expand upon the concept of wealth. Simply earning money does not constitute amassing wealth. It is part of it, but wealth covers knowledge, information, items, and contacts with people via networking, whether they are buying or selling something you or they need.

It is my opinion that a Merchant in general should be highly cultured with an eye for fine merchandise, whether it be art, exotic imports, uniquely crafted items or armor. They would also be very street-savvy and know a good deal when one is to be had.

A great Merchant would be knowledgeable about the society and economic climates of the Kingdoms they are dealing within. Watching market trends to jump and capitalize at the correct time is very important, and moreover this knowledge can help direct you in dealing with members of the Kingdom to make close allies and further your business. The best Merchants are able to network with the most powerful people and have anything they need at their fingertips.

While this begins to describe an individual, there is much more upon actually gaining entrance to the Merchant Guild. The Merchant Guild itself offers numerous opportunities to advance its members further than they would be able to by themselves, and with much more ease. In return, a fierce devotion towards helping the Guild further itself is expected as that only comes back around to benefit the members even more. There is absolutely no exception to this. With the amount of benefits that our members gain, they must be willing to give in return and put the Guild in front of their own desires at any time. Otherwise, no matter how much a person may embody the desires, ambitions, and morals of a Merchant, they need not apply for membership into our Guild.

There are truly no two Merchants who are completely alike. The Guild functions well based on the variety of the members with all different personalities, coming together under common goals and purposes, both for themselves and the Guild.

I wish anyone who applies for membership luck on becoming a member.

Merchant Elder