Types of Merchants

In years past, the various Merchants were known to be in divisions.  So instead of embracing the differences in each other and learning from each other, it instead turned into a sort of competition.  We have a variety of types of Merchant within the Guild.  There are those that are more focused on treasure hunting, those that are focused on holding onto artifacts or relics for their own use, those that are focused on being more business like and buying, selling, trading items for a suitable profit, those that are historians, economists, those that live for the fun of money won over money earned and those that are followers of kubera.

Now, although we have many different traits and lifestyles, we do share alot in common.  These differences are what make us a cohesive unit.  Alone we could not survive on our own, we are interdependant.  A Daredevil that hunts treasures, even though he loves the hunt itself most, still needs to sell the relic.  So he learns as much as he can from the Tradesman in the Guild, as they are more business like.  Would the Daredevil be able to sell the items on his own without the Tradesman?  Sure, but because the Tradesman shares his knowledge with the rest of the Guild, we all become better traders.  A Collector, one that loves to gather relics and artifacts would not have much of a collection if they did not pay attention to the way of treasure hunting, or the ways of trading that the experts on each gave to everyone in the Guild.  A Scholar, loves to do the research, or do historical comparisons, or study the economy.  But a Tradesman would be the person they’d speak to about current market trends and research.  A treasure hunter would be contacted with their research on a new found clue to the location of some long lost relic.  Again, they learn from the others as well – we all learn from each other.  But we all have various skills that we are best at.

So you see, while we are different, we all are just a piece of the overall fabric of the Guild.  We do not have divisions, we have types.  We are not in competition with each other we are all bringing our unique talents to the Guild.

Vaughn Kendari
Merchant Elder