Trigram Merchants

Long ago in the Merchant Guild eight Trigram Merchants were formed. These Merchants studied the way of their Trigram and represented it. The old Trigram Merchants are listed below, they were the original and first Merchants to form the Trigram. Some are still with us and others have faded over time.

After much studying the Merchants were able to describe the trigrams and the meanings.

Thunder: Quick, fast on their feet in travels, and distribution.
Heaven: Creative, smart and balanced.
Water: Concentration, hard worker.
Mountain: Carefull and modest, still like a barrier.
Earth: Giving and kind, charity and nourishment.
Fire: Enlightened, clarity and firmness.
Wind: Concerns trade and routine, growth.
Pond: Pleasure through progress and achievement, entertainment.

The ancient Trigrams Merchants were formed under the Eldership of ShadeDraco. Untill this day many stories of these eight Merchants are still told.

Wind Merchant – LightWolf
Pond Merchant – Durant
Heaven Merchant – Paladino
Earth Merchant – Belgrad
Fire Merchant – IceFalcon
Thunder Merchant – Maky
Mountain Merchant – Kateria
Water Merchant – Fice

All of us are some way aligned with these elements. Find yourself in the Trigram. Which element unlocks the key to your Merchant heart?