The Three Merchant Duties

[[ *You walk down a long, winding hallway.  Treasures of all types sit in their glass cases, shining with radiancy.  You walk further down the hallway, and see various writings and parchments posted along the walls telling of various deeds and legends.  Finally, you notice a particular parchment on the wall.  As you gaze closer at the writing, you notice it is that of the three Merchant duties, a code by which all Merchants have lived by since the founding of their guilds.  Below it, however, is another parchment.  It is the writing of AphroditeXO, the Elder of the Guild.  You begin to read her words..* ]]

It would be easy for me to tell you that these rules are simple to follow.  I could tell you that all Merchants possess an instinctive nature to always follow the code, that all Merchants live and die by it. From my personal experience, I have learned that these duties can mean different things to different people.  The order as Belgrad laid out, stated that it was Duty to one’s Community, Duty to one’s Path, and finally.. Duty to one’s Self.  Some Merchants choose to put different duties above others, choosing to favor themselves over their path, while still others may choose to give more to their path then to their fellow man.  The question we must ask however, is simple.. What do they mean to you?

The answer to this question can simply be found by taking a look at yourself, your life, and the things you value over others, etc.  I myself have always put the community over myself, and my path as well.  I suppose you could attribute this to my nature.  But I know what you are thinking.. you are asking yourself:  “But what do these duties really mean?”  Well I will tell you, they have a variety of meanings.  Take for example Duty to one’s Community.. This could range from simply helping a stranger slay an animal, or helping assist in a trade (we ARE Merchants afterall).  There is a variety of ways one can aid  the community, but one instance that always comes up is the confusion between aiding the community, and giving too much to the community. We are Merchants.. we aren’t  servants.  We will gladly help you if you need it, but know that we ourselves have lives and priorities as well.

Another duty that I would like to speak on is Duty to one’s Path. Many have thought that this meant giving one hundred percent of their time with events, treasure hunts, etc.  Aiding your path simply means being part of a team.  You get back what you give, and you are better for the experience.  You could give a few coins to the guild’s fund, or donate various items or weapons.  There are many ways of aiding your guild, and this is important to remember.

The last duty I will touch on is Duty to one’s Self.  If you are a selfless person, this duty follows last in line. However, some put this as a priority over everything else.  While some could say that is a bad thing, some of the best Merchants put themselves before others. Mastering trade, gambling, and the markets for a profit is not something to be ashamed of.  A Merchant is a Merchant afterall, and not all of us are selfless.  Examples of duties to yourself would be keeping yourself fit, healthy, keeping money in the pockets (should this be your goal in life).  This duty (at least in my opinion) is the least important, and I particularly pay little mind to it.

I hope you take something from these words, and apply them to your own life.  I could go on for hours comparing the three duties, but you truly will not understand how they effect your life until you begin to follow them and apply them.  Also, being a member of the guild will truly show you how much of an impact they can have on your everyday life. Always remember that they have existed since the founding of the guild, and are age old. They should be read and followed in some way by all who seek the guild.. at least that is my belief..

.: (\phroditeXO*~
.: Legendary Collector