The Seeker

The following is a document found sometime after King Yuri’s ascention to the throne of Koguryo.  It describes an ancient people known as the Seeker, and their roles in the markets of their time.
– You walk into a small room, barely lit by a few small candles.  In the corner, is a rocking chair.  Sitting in the chair is a man, cloaked and hidden from the candle’s light.  He is polishing a vase, not making eye contact with you as you enter.

To him, you are of no importance, for the relic in his hand is what holds his attention.  Suddenly as you begin to leave, he looks up from the vase..-

I know why you’re here.. I have seen it.  You wish to know of who we are.. what we do.  I can tell you now that the answers you seek cannot be found.. for they do not exist.  All I can give to you is a realization.  I, as you are no doubt wondering, am one of the few that still exist.  A race of people now long forgotten.. only surviving through scarce generations and curious scholars.  We once held a place within the markets.. but few could understand our purpose.  The “Seeker” we were called by your kind, for we sought the treasures your people could only dream of finding.

There are still pages torn.. scrolls that exist that can tell you of what we are.. or what we were.  I am one of the few alive today that know of our secrets.. and no, I shall not share them with you now.  Those that are curious enough can find out what we are, and those that aren’t simply do not need to know.  I grow weary of this conversation.. do me a favor and close the door on your way out, the light from the moon is unkind to these eyes…

It should be noted that the Seeker is not a treasure hunting profession, much like the Scholar or Daredevil.  They were an elite group of people who sought relics for their own purposes, and were not well documented.  There are a few scrolls that exist still of the Seeker for those that wish to learn, these being the ‘Requiem of Sorrow’ and various written accounts from Yushis and other sources.  They can be found in the Merchant library for any who wish to know more.