The Guild’s Legacy

Many come from far and wide to seek it. Many risk life and limb to seek treasure just to catch a glimpse of it. It is the place we call home.. a place only the most fitting may dwell: This is the Merchant Guild.

Formed around the time of the 23rd year of King Yuri’s reign in Koguryo, the Merchant Guild has always stood as a prestigous place of honor. It houses some of the most valuable treasures of the kingdoms. It is a place that has created such well known treasure hunters as Paladino, everclear.. and the always controversial, Riean. It is place all seekers of adventure and riches dream about.

The Guild is not easy to become a member of. You can’t just call yourself a seeker of treasure, and expect to be welcomed in. Oh no, then where would the honor be in that? To prove your worthiness to enter this Guild, you must pass many tests.

The Guild holds many virtues true: honor, discipline, fairness amongst your brothers and sisters of the Guild. We also value trust, and honesty. As these were the founding beliefs of the Guild, so will they be cherished and followed in today’s Guild.

We are, however, small in comparison the Guild of Riches in Shilla. This Guild has existed far longer then the one here in Koguryo. The Guild of Riches has produced such legends as Master Kyun, the founder of our Guild here in Koguryo. It has also produced such names as RogueShawn, Xyana, and the always well known ShadeDraco. These names would come to be famous in our local Guild here in Koguro.

So.. you think you’re ready to try and join? Heh.. I think you need to prove that to us, kid. How will you prove your worth?

Durant Wiegraf
Founding Scholar