The Economist

An Economist can best be understood as a traditional Merchant, an experienced trader in the marketplace and a true business professional. Economists are particularly interested in the way the market functions and how the market reacts to changes in the supply and demand of goods and services. An economist uses this market experience to their advantage by purchasing items at a lower rate and in turn, selling them at a higher value when the economic climate is ripe. Profit is always the intended goal.

The term ‘Economist’ is derived from Economics, which can be defined as the social science concerned with the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services and the analysis of the commercial activities of a community. As Economists, we are all interested in how the economy operates and capitalizing on promising investment opportunities.

An economist is very knowledgeable of the current prices of the most commonly traded items. Always staying on top of price fluctuations and influential external factors, economists get the best deals whether buying or selling. Once an economist becomes familiar in a market, they develop a sense of prediction of the price fluctuation of goods and pursue investments accordingly. A smart economist knows that external factors are a major influence in the drive of the marketplace and take these factors into consideration with every deal that they make.

With each transaction, an economist builds his or her portfolio and develops contacts that serve as key partners in their network of trade. Economists focus on establishing credible business relationships that last a lifetime. As an economist’s portfolio grows, they are able to pursue larger investment opportunities and realize larger returns on investment.

Economists also specialize in different fields and typically find a market niche of which they acquire added knoweldge. Additionally, many economists are treasure hunters, some are not. Treasure hunting does not appeal to all Merchants, and those who are not interested in the field of treasure hunting tend to advance in our path as economists. Whichever route you decide to pursue, your journey will surely be full of excitement and riches.


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