The Daredevil

Fear.  -Laughs- This word is heard each day within the walls of our Kingdom.  This is a word that many Daredevils have seen…in the faces of others.  We are those that walk without fear after any treasure in any situation.  The actual treasure itself, well yes that’s always nice, treasures and jewels are a fine way to decorate yourself.  But what we seek most of all is the thrill of the hunt.  The most out of the way, heavily guarded, deeply hidden treasure that there could possibly be…and we get it!

This fearlessness and faith in our own abilities is born of much training.  This faith sometimes seems to border on arrogance, but total faith in yourself and the knowledge that no matter what you encounter is usually seen this way.  No matter the odds, no matter the difficulty, our faith in our abilities never wavers.  Our backbone is this confidence and without this, we would not be able to do what we do.

The toughest situation causes our senses to perk up and our training to kick in.  Our eyes will begin to narrow and the only thought that enters our mind is that of the Treasure we are after.  This often leads to the finding of treasures that were thought to be lost forever.  A hunter that does not have this fearlessness would not venture for what we seek.

If you wish to be among us, we are a very tight group of hunters, we share many stories of our hunts with each other. We also can be found, training in various ways, but as soon as we hear someone say, “I can’t believe how hard it is to find…”, be prepared to see a cloud of dust and many hunters rushing off to prove that it is very matter the cost.

Vaughn Kendari
Merchant Elder