The 21 Rudraksha beads

Rudraksha beads come from a large evergreen broad-leaf tree called a Rudraksha.  They each vary in the number of grooves on their surface, which determine their properities and healing abilities:

1 Muhki Rudraksha: Peace and Pleasure.  Symbolizes Supremehood.  Not only does the wearer receive worldly pleasures during their lifespan, but they also remain unaffected by them.

2 Muhki Rudraksha: Sacred life.  Symbolizes Unity.  Wearer and their family become peaceful and virtuous, along with their offspring.

3 Muhki Rudraksha: Past, Present Future. The Trinity of Gods: Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh.  Wearer attains success in his efforts through learning and knowledge.

4 Muhki Rudraksha: Effectiveness and Divinity.  The four heads of Brahma.  Gives the wearer creative power, by increasing wit and intelligence.

5 Muhki Rudraksha: Meaningful Thought.  Often we forget about acquired knowledge we’ve learned.  The bearer makes permanent meaningful acquired knowledge.

6 Muhki Rudraksha: Concentration. Gives learning, wisdom and knowledge and increases will power.

7 Muhki Rudraksha: Nutrition.  Bearer is blessed with good health and wealth and may live a longer life in happiness.

8 Muhki Rudraksha: Reflection.  Wearer becomes unaffected by miseries inflicted physically, divinely, or mentally.  They have a heightened sense of clarity and find it easier to overcome obstacles.

9 Muhki Rudraksha: Devotion and Salvation.  Represents the Nine Deities.  Increases self-power, boosts energy and makes its wearer become fearless.

10 Muhki Rudraksha: Preservation. Represents Lord Vishnu, preserver of the universe.   Wearer becomes protected from the influences of evil spirits, ghosts and black magics.

11 Muhki Rudraksha: Meditation.  Wearer is blessed with wisdom, right judgement, vocabulary, fearlessness, success.  It also gives self control and removes addictions.

12 Muhki Rudraksha: Radiance.  Represents the Sun.  Wearer possesses brilliant radiance and obtains knowledge, riches and all the earthly pleasures.

13 Muhki Rudraksha: Desire.  Wearer is blessed with all the comforts of life.  It also attracts others to them.

14 Muhki Rudraksha: Divination.  The sixth sense.  Provides the wearer safety by foreseeing future happenings.  They also will not fail in their decisions.

15 Muhki Rudraksha: Harmony. Helps attain success in all walks of life, including knowledge, wealth, power, fame and achieving goals.

16 Muhki Rudraksha: Ferocity.  Wearer becomes fearless and attains victory against the most fearsome diseases and adverse circumstances.

17 Muhki Rudraksha: Prosperity.  Wearer is free from disease, losses, sadness and fears and grants fulfillment of desires relating to finding a life partner.

18 Muhki Rudraksha: Abundance.  Represents the Goddess Earth.  Provides health, strength and intelligence.  Gives women the ability to give birth to a healthy, beautiful baby.

19 Muhki Rudraksha: Fulfillment and Success.  The bearer never has to lack anything in life and attains immense wealth, success and abundance.

20 Muhki Rudraksha: Creation.  Represents Brahma.  Containing the energies of all nine planets, this extremely rare bead grants the wearer power to achieve almost anything they desire.

21 Muhki Rudraksha: Immense wealth.  Represents Kubera; God of Wealth.  Bearer is blessed with immense prosperity and fulfillment of pleasures and materialistic desires.  Even a poor man would become rich.

Studied and scripted by

~ Keaira
Devout Kinnara
Legendary Daredevil
Walker of Fire