Preface to the Knowledge of Wealth

As of writing this in the 80th year of King Yuri’s reign, I have finally managed with the help of two people to recover all editions of the Knowledge of Wealth so that it may be presented in whole for those who would learn about the Merchant Guild of Koguryo.

First and foremost, I extend my thanks on behalf of the entire Merchant Guild to both Trade and Librarian for helping me restore the scroll fully.

I would like to explain how I will be structuring the scroll. Much of the information I will be placing back in the Knowledge of wealth is out of date, or not completely accurate, while some is. With the interests of preserving our history, after this preface, I will be listing in order all entries with the exception of certain ones that detail information like steps to gaining certain marks, as those quests are no longer applicable and they serve no historical purpose.

After that, I will begin to list current information. As I will continually update, I intend on having a part at the end listing off entry numbers whose information currently applies to Merchants. I would have it at the beginning after this preface, but it would be too tedious to rewrite the Knowledge of wealth over and over that many times.

I have noted previously I intend on having more than simply strict factual information within this scroll. The stories and tales of numerous Merchants will be placed mostly at the end after all the factual information has been entered. I hope this gives those who read the scroll some examples of a Merchant’s way of life, to understand it on a deeper level.

Although we have not always had a published scroll since the beginning of our time in the 20th year of King Yuri’s reign, I will be attempting to chronicle some of the periods when there was no scroll with information from previous elders and other Merchants to further detail our history.

I hope all who read this enjoy learning about the Merchant Guild, how it was in the past and present, and take away a sense of how we have matured and changed over the years, as well as how we are now.

Merchant Elder