Phases of a Hunt

The old Sanhae libraries hold many treasures, this one is a page from a hand book apparently used to train apprentices in the search for artifacts and treasures. I am looking for the remaining part of the handbook now, but I thought this section may be of interest.

Phases of a Hunt

Chapter 9 Sect 23:
The master of a hunt knows that in order to be successful, he must conduct his search in four steps or phases. These can be done in any manner, but usually follow guidelines such as these:

Phase 1
The first phase of a treasure hunt is the basic search for it. A hunter cannot hunt something that he does not know is there.

Light research into an artifact and discovering whether it would be fesible to find.

Phase 2
This step involves the deep research required to narrow the search field. Heavy reading out of the field to help asess the dangers and area that the search will involve.

This step also involves the basic perperation for the accual hunt, such as gathering of provisions and survival gear.

Phase 3
The physical search for the artifact. Field work and adventure make this the step a hunter lives for. The search may not always involve tomb raiding however and the like.

Whether this phase is successful deems the worth of the entire search and whether there is a forth phase.

Phase 4
If phase three is successful, and the treasure is found, this step involves applying the treasure to a use in now modern society. Post examination and strict documintation should be done about the artifact then compared to the information found in step two.

It is the hunters responsibility to then inform the historical sources of the kingdom of updated findings if it is relivent.
– Iota