Page of a Journal:

Yuri 35, Spring- 11th day, 4th Moon

I began my search today for the most elusive prize yet: The Jaguar’s Eye. My colleagues believe that I am crazy for searching for such a fanciful object, but I believe it exists! Our search has led us to the deepest jungles of Han, where it is rumored that the temple of Tai-Rin still stands to this day. The jungles are thick with mosquitos, and creatures of a like I have never seen before. However, the light at the end of the tunnel I still see. To grasp in my hands an object so rare and beautiful, it would be the highlight of my career! I will write more, if time.. and my life, permit

Yuri 35, Spring- 13th day, 5th Moon

We have found it! The lost temple of Tai-Rin! It is just as immense and wonderous as I had hoped! My team and I are awe struck by the amazing carvings and drawings on the sides of this immense structure. We only hope that the Eye is still there, and in one piece. I feel this is a good day, and that I shall claim my prize at last!!

Yuri 35, Spring- 14th day, 5th Moon

After spending the night outside, we ventured into the temple. A smell befell us as we entered the dark reaches of the inner chamber, a smell unlike any thus encountered by myself or my team. However, the trip was worth it, for at last.. I have found it! The Jaguar’s Eye!! Such a treasure should only be allowed in dreams, yet here it lays, in the palm of my hand! My team and I must beat a hasty retreat now, for if the curse of the Jaguar does truly exist, it will claim us all if we stay. I anxiously await my return to my Guild brothers and sisters, to share with them my story, and to bring home yet another treasure to our hands…

– Durant