Master Kyun

“.. Master Kyun, why must I do this over and over? Why can’t I be outside, with everclear and the others?”

“Because Durant, you my boy are a Scholar. Your life is bound within these pages.. your passion, your drive.. must they be. If you’re ever to understand what you are truely capable of.. you need to put more time into your studies”

Master Kyun was all too wise. This was a man who spent five days just staring at one passage from a book. Yet he was a man who, despite his meager stature, could fell a man twice his size. Yes, he is truely unique. A man that could seemingly do it all.. and did so for his students. Teaching is his life, for it is all he knows.

I would always see everclear questioning Master Kyun. But he loved it when my brother would question him. It showed him he was smart.. that my brother was learning well from him. He always taught us to have an opinion, but to respect our Elders. I can remember the day Master Paladino brought him to our Guild for the first time. I’ll never forget the look in his eyes; cold as steel, and focused. It’s almost as if he never aged in his mind.. that all along, he remained as sharp as he had in his younger days.

I say a lot about this man.. but truthfully, there isn’t enough words to describe him. He’s been like a father to us all.. a mentor, and a good friend. Myself and everclear especially, have taken a keen interest in his life these last few years. We are just now scratching the surface on this great and talented man. A man unlike any other.. for he was the man who gave birth to our home here in Koguryo. To Master Kyun, we say..

Thank you, Master…

Durant Wiegraf
Founding Scholar of the Merchant Guild