Levels of Merchanthood

A Merchant, a person who earns a living, with the buying and selling of commodities, for the purpose of profiting from their sale.  This person is an honorable member of the community, and does not abuse the ignorant or persons lacking knowledge of the market.  He or she is fair to everyone, and does his or her best to bring commodities of value to the marketplace, in hopes to fill the requests of patrons.

A Gypsy, travels among others, in large groups.  A gypsy is a cunning and crafty person, with various skills that have been elevated above those of a common Merchant.  A Gypsy was enhanced his or her skills over a long period of time, and has done so at great expense to themselves.  They are seekers of wealth, by fair means, and have not compromised their honor and trust, with their patrons.

A Tradesmen, is a type of Merchant who concentrates on the buying and selling of commodities, while adapting skills in various crafts, to further their wealth. Some may have shops in towns or stay in a town market place.  These persons are determined to better their financial standing, knowing little limit to the profits that can be made, and the accomplishments that can be attained.

A Kashou,  is of the highest level of wealth.  He or she has perfected the art of trade, and has gained notoriety with his customers and fellow merchants.  A Kashou, is held in the highest standards, for his or her ability to trade fairly and adequately with the community, while upholding their honor in the process.  A Kashou, has skills which vary from crafting to the buying and selling of commodities.  They have reached the point of no higher achievement, and are congratulated for such an accomplishment.  They are praised and welcomed into any market, no matter which town they might be visiting.

Merchant Elder