Kubera, God of Wealth

Almost all Merchants praise our God, Kubera. Kubera is the son of a sage named Visravas, which explains why we sometimes call him Vaisravana as well.  For one-thousand years, Kubera performed austerities. Due to this, Brahma, the Creator, granted immortality upon him and has made him the guardian of all treasures in the world!

Kubera is pale yellow, with three legs and is a corpulent God. In his right hand, he holds the biggest, brightest lemon, in his other, a female mongoose, with the sleekest, most beautiful fur around. This mongoose spits jewels of many color, when Kubera wishes to bestow his many riches upon some lucky, yet deserving young man or woman.  He wears many jewels, in the biggest, most lucious bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, with a passion for red ornaments. Often he is depicted upon a white lotus, and when visualizing him, one should see a God with one foot upon a vessel full of jewels.

Kubera was once injured greatly by a wheel of some sort hitting his head. To show our respects to our god, on his statues we pour water over his head.

Kubera is also lord of all Yakshas (also known as Goblins). These giant figures are sometimes said to bring disease, however converted Yakshas are cited as guardians of Buddhism in many texts.

Kubera, lastly, is one of the eight Dharmapalas, or, Gods whom are Defenders of Buddhism. The other seven are Brahma, the Creator, Yama, God of Death, Mahakala, the Great Black One, Yamantaka, Conqueror of Death, Hayagriva, the Horse-Necked One, Palden Lhamo, the Goddess, and Begtse, the God of War.

Discovered and interpreted by,

The combined efforts of Elder(s) everclear and Esme.