Heart of the Merchant (LeeAnnder)

When you first hear the word ‘Merchant’, what is it you think of? Is it “greed”? Perhaps “wealthy”, “loyal”, or simply “the market inhabitant”? It is hard to put in words what a Merchant really is, for we are each different, yet united by common goals and beliefs. However, a few things are to be known about this particular path, as well as something hidden deep inside each individual Merchant, that is their heart.

Wealth. Yes, the word may say it all to the common folk, but there is much more to the term. Our life does not merely revolve around shiny, expensive armory, or top-of-the-line accessories, but wealth in close friendships, intense devotion, and maybe a good deal or two. Of course, having a good amount of gold is a primary objective to most, whilst others yearn to seek out treasure to hand it over to the community, or even gambling their hard-earned fortunes for a thrill. Although we have a lot to do with money (and it is not uncommon to see one or two counting out their coins here and there), we also attain riches with learning new information, discovery of a hidden treasure, and even helping out a member of the community in a business-like conduct.

Shaping our Guild, like the economy, is something that becomes almost natural to keep building up and keeping prosperous, whether it is through our growing numbers or holding events that benefit us. Meeting the goals of the path can be, now and then, difficult, but as Merchants we are committed to our tasks, and will go to great lengths to accomplish them. More often than not our determination is endless, whether we are accepted by others or rejected by overall judgment; we do not let that falter us. Our personal desires and passions are put aside when it comes to helping the Guild, yet maintaining a sense of decorum and respect in and out of the path.

It is true that we are misunderstood, and being a part Merchant-hood can change the way one looks upon you. As most see it, we are either very trustworthy, or are out to grab all that we can get. In this case, keeping allies close to us is crucial, for even one mistake such as greed can destroy the course we have taken both in the Guild and in our lives. We all uphold the standards the path sets; endorse the honor we have come to hold in the highest regard, staying true to our word, and, most importantly, staying true to ourselves.

No one can truly say what the heart of a Merchant is or how it beats, but a true Merchant is honorable, trustworthy, very knowledgeable about the economy, respectful even to those who turn their backs, and even scholarly. We are all just a little bit different, but we each have a heart for wealth, the pursuit of knowledge, earning trust, and staying true to our Guild. Putting the path and others before ourselves and seeing a good deal go through the markets is, at times, the only amount of wealth we will ever need. The words of kindness we sometimes receive from the community builds up their reliance upon us that embodies the path as a whole, and shows us for whom we really are. This is in no way a scheming dealer or an item-hungry person, this is a Merchant.

And our hearts will forever thrum with pride.

~` LeAnnder