Finding the Masamune

Long ago.. before the rise of King Yuri, and before the creation of the Kingdoms, there existed a town.  It lied where Jinhae exists nowadays.  In this town lived five people, each of differing ages and races.

The first was Fenrir, a strong and noble Elf.  Second was Minion, a very sly and tricky youth who would often spill the
purses of soldiers who would pass by the town.  The third was Galendria, a beautiful, raven haired singer.  Fourth was Orion,
a very wise and well learned mage.  And finally, Fifth.. a young but skilled rogue named Uther.

Little did they know it, but these five would end up becoming the town’s only hope.  A terrible, dark force was descending
upon the land.. and their town was next.  The five prepared to defend their home.  Gathering their most prized possession,
they prepared to do battle with the darkness.  As it swept through the town, each of the five heroes did battle to the evil
forces in their own unique way.

Fenrir, withdrew his mighty sword and hacked away at the dark soldiers who began their attack on the village.  Minion
withdrew and found his way behind the enemy’s line and thrust his spear deep into the heart of the terrifying beast.
Galendria sang to clear the air of the horrible sound of death.  Orion did his best to fend off the darkness with his magic. Uther, however.. he was not seen by the enemy.  He would cut through a figure and then appear behind another.  Eventually,
the darkness was chased away from the village and the five heroes saved the day.  The village officially declared them the five heroes of Thornwood, and their names forever legendary.

They, however, were not the only things to become legendary.  The items they carried on them the night of the attack became sought after relics after each of the heroes had passed on.  Each had a different story behind it, as well as it’s own seekers and hunters…

Fenrir’s Sword                  Minion’s Spear
Orion’s Cloak
Galendria’s Tiara                  Uther’s Dagger

It is said that whomever can obtain all five of these Relics will be bestowed pure harmony and prosperity for all of
eternity.  Of course it is only a legend…. or is it?…

– Guide of Pond
– Scholar of Relics