~ Entries on our Current State ~

As noted in another entry, I mentioned I would have an entry devoted to the factual information that is relevant to what Merchants are, what we believe, so on and so forth. This entry will be continually updated to reflect the current times.

By no means should the other information be disregarded, however the list below shows entries that are definitive to how Merchants currently are. Some entries are not on here because they do not directly describe members or the Guild as a whole, such as the entries on economics, yet again that by no means undermines their importance to us every day.

The list is as follows, in order:

Entry 47 – Phases of a Hunt
In which Iota describes the different phases of a Treasure Hunt and how to properly execute going on one.

Entry 56 – Kubera, God of Wealth
Entry detailing all the specifics we know of the God, Kubera.

Entry 59 – What We Are
A very well written entry by Ilios, explaining the various aspects of Merchanthood.

Entry 60 – Levels of Merchanthood
Another entry by Ilios, detailing the difference between Merchants to Kashous.

Entries 61 through 66 – The Various Divisions
These entries explain the different divisions of the Merchant Guild.

Entry 67 – The Three Merchant Duties
A post written by AphroditeXO that I particularly feel describes not only the Merchant Duties, but the different interpretations they can have.

Entry 70 – The Merchant Staff
Absolutely essential knowledge giving an overview of what the staff means, and some of its history.

Entry 71 – What is a Merchant?
An entry, slightly differing from Ilios’ aforementioned, showing common traits of Merchants.

Entry 72 – The Merchant Guild of Koguryo
An informative overview of how the Guild itself operates.

To any who may be interested in being a member, having a good grasp of the information in all these entries is essential. The rest is either for historical value showing how we were in the past (such as the earliest posts of the scroll), examples or stories to get a better understanding of Merchants (the story of Kubera or treasure hunts), or factual information related in some way to being a Merchant (the entries on varying economic laws and theories). Again, I would suggest highly reading the entire Knowledge of Wealth, but should there be conflicting entries, the ones in the above list are those that should be regarded first and foremost.

Merchant Elder