Duties of a Merchant

Duty to the Community

A Merchant?s Duty to the Community includes many smaller parts. He or she must live to protect the community against scammers and thieves. Thieves are sometimes easier to catch than scammers because they just go out and take things when they shouldn?t. Scammers use sneaky little tricks to either over charge people for an item or get the victim to let them hold the item then they run off with it. Merchants also keep track of the prices of all items to keep scammers from tricking people. Keeping the people of the community informed is also very important. And the last major thing merchants do for the community is to keep the economy running smoothly because otherwise people would get scared and there would be pure chaos.

Duty to the Path

A Merchants Duty to his Path is also very important. He must always be willing to help out a brother or sister in need of assistance. Helping a brother or sister may include helping with a sale, event, or even helping them with a personal problem. Merchants always stick together no matter what. The Merchant paths always try to stay out of other path affairs and fights because it would tilt the economy in some way if they took sides.

Duty to Oneself

A Merchant also has a Duty to Himself. This means he muse always stay true to himself. It is important for a Merchant to not fall into corruption because then they are no longer considered a true Merchant. Merchants never steal, scam, or try to be better than anyone else. Many say Merchants are rich, but this is largely untrue because Merchants, instead of looking for money, keep the economy where it should be.