A Golden Story

This is a story of kindness, of generosity. A story of a man who helped another, even when he himself was in need of it. The following is the most accurate retelling of a story that has been handed down for centuries. It dates back to a time before the reign of King Yuri, and is the foundation of the Merchant’s tradition of the Golden Nuggets…
The story takes place near Shilla, in a forest not too far from the local tavern. A rough looking man is tossed out, after losing a lot of money at cards. He’s battered, broken, and now flat broke. He was foolish for spending his family’s last few coins, and was unsure how to get it back. He decided to take a walk in the nearby woods, to get his mind straight before coming home to face his family. He walked a ways into the woods, and came upon a man lying face down on the ground. He rushed over to see if the man was alright, if he could stand. The man said he was blind, and that his legs were badly beaten by a pack of robbers who had just taken off with the last of his money. The man helped the stranger to his feet, and helped him bandage his wounds. The stranger said, “I am hungry good sir, for I have not eaten in days.. surely you have a bit of food to spare?”.

The man looked into his bag. He frowned when he saw only a half loaf a bread and some berries. He knew this wasn’t enough for him and his new friend to share, and that the road home was a long one, and he might get hungry. So, he offered the food to the stranger and told him to eat his supper. The stranger gobbled up the food in haste, stopping only to chew on occassion. After he was finished, the stranger thanked the man. He said never had he experienced such kindness and generosity in all his days. The man told him it was no problem, for he liked helping others. After talking for awhile, the man decided that he best be on his way. He offered to take the man with him as far as his village, but the stranger said he would be alright, he knew the way. As they parted, the stranger called out to the man, once more.. “Good sir, I do not have much to give you in return.. but please take these stones I have found. I cannot see them, but perhaps they can be of use to you?”

With that he opened his hand. And to the suprise of the man, the stranger held in his hand 3 golden nuggets, shining brightly in the moonlight. The man thanked the stranger many times, but said he could not accept them. The stranger then said only this: “You have helped me.. now I must help you. Your problems shall be solved by our chance meeting.. and I pray that you are wiser with your money from now on”. The man looked away for a moment, and when he turned back.. the stranger was gone. The man looked in amazement for a few moments, and then looked down at the nuggets in his hand.. and headed back to his family…
We wear the nuggets on our hands today to show that Merchants are always giving back to those less fortunate. We are forever in service to others with less then ourselves.. even if we have to sacrifice our last belongings to accomplish this. A Merchant’s life is forever a giving, selfless one. This is what the Gold nugget symbolizes.. not wealth or power, but of a humble story of sacrifice and friendship.

– Durant