9 Heavenly Items

Listed below are the most prized items inside Kubera’s
treasure house, the 9 Heavenly items entrusted to Kubera by
his followers and other Gods like him.

Kama’s Bow: This is a bow made of sugar-cane stalk strung with a line of humming-bees and shoots arrows tipped with flowers. Whoever is struck by them falls in love with the first person they see.

Yaksha Dagger: This dagger is empowered by the spirits of fallen Yaksha. Anyone wielding this dagger possesses the ability to bend time at will.

21 Muhki: Kubera’s Rudraksha – while rudraksha beads are fairly common, the 21-faced bead is the rarest – being only one in existance.  It is said to bestow it’s keeper with fortunes far beyond imagination.

Atanatiya Scroll: This scroll is filled with verses taught to Buddha by Kubera.  Anyone reciting these verses will be protected from any kind of evil or evildoer.

Alakapuri Flower: Named after Kubera’s garden, this flower is grown by the Yaksha and grants anyone who tastes it’s blossom everlasting youth.

Kubera’s Blessing: This neckless is made out of the purest of Sapphire.  Having been blessed by the gods, it was given the magical ability to direct whoever holds it towards their deepest desires.

 The 3 Sun Items

Due to the Sun’s blazing power, whisps of it’s energy would drift off into the universe.  This left over Sun-“dust” was collected and made into 3 more heavenly items.  The first was the famous aerial vehicle Pushpaka, the 2nd was the Trishula Trident of Lord Shiva, and the 3rd was the Sudarshana Chakra of Lord Vishnu.

Trishula Trident: Possessed by the Lord Shiva, this weapon is said to have enough power to sever a God’s head. The three points represent the past, present and future or creation, maintenance and destruction.

Sudarshan Chakra: Kept by Vishnu and constantly spinning, the chakra is comprised of 10 million spikes in two rows.  Each row spins in the opposite direction, giving it a very deadly serrated edge.

Pushpaka Chariot: This is Kubera’s aerial chariot which moves of its own accord and is so large that it can carry a whole city. Kubera flies in this fantastic chariot and throws down jewels and other precious objects to the earth.

Kashou Gnoff