Subpath MMM 4/11/15

The next Subpath MMM is scheduled for May 9th, 2015.


Hiya Merchants,

Our Subpath Bank Sale MMM last night was a huge
success! Four subpaths (including Merchants) showed
up, with a large amount of the community attending as
well. Below are the results of how much money each
Subpath made, with the Diviners making out like bandits!

Barbarians – 2,200,000
Diviners – 14,001,100
Merchants – 4,900,000
Muses – 3,500,000

Seeing as this special MMM was so successful, we are
planning to make this a monthly occasion. If you would
like to help out in the future by assisting subpaths
in pricing their items, please nmail or whisper me!

A special thanks to Acera for having this idea and
helping out at the event, and for Huntyr for helping
various subpaths with price checks! You both rock.