Point/Event Details and Unique Engrave info. now available!


As you all know, you can view your live, real-time points at your immediate request at any time using this website. This feature is accessed under our “Merchants Only” menu in the “Current Points” section. This is a wonderful feature, which has just gotten more informative.

As of today, 6/8/15, you are now able to view the details for each event submission. This information includes host, participants, attendee’s, rewards, winners, start/end dates, along with much more additional information.

Check it out here: https://merchantguildtk.com/point-details/

Additionally, our real-time, live Unique Engraves List is now available. Unlike the posts on the board in the Kugnae Gathering, this link is up-to-date at ALL times. This feature is available under our “Merchant Services” tab at the top of the page. Check it out here: https://merchantguildtk.com/unique-engraves/