Pawn Shop Re-Opening

Merchants —

I am happy to announce a re-boot to the PawnShop!

PawnShop is the combined efforts of individual Merchants
for the benefit of the Merchant Guild as a whole.

As one of my duties as a Guide and Chief Economist, I’m
calling for any Merchants who are interested to please
contact me and let me know..! I’ll be managing PawnShop
and those who are involved, to coordinate purchases and
sales on behalf of the Guild for profit!

PawnShop “Flippers” will earn (10) points and 25% of the
profits per 100,000 of profit. For example; if you sell
and produce profit for the guild totaling 1,000,000 you
will receive 250,000! There is no limit to the amount of
coins or points you can earn through the PawnShop.

The ‘catch’ is keeping the PawnShop ((most of Cashier’s
banked items)) well stocked..! So I’m looking for those
of you with an eye for good purchases, as well as sales!

In an effort to ensure PawnShop Flippers are in-touch
with the market, we will also be actively and consistently
monitoring the Merchant Price List and updating it as often
as possible!
(( ))

Contact me with questions or to join the PawnShop!

– Warik