New Opportunity- Honorary guide

The “Honorary Guide” Position

Honorary Guides are extremely experienced and respected members of the path that have typically served in a position previously such as Elder, Mikado, or have simply served several years as a dedicated, beloved, and significantly contributing Guide. These Guides are titled as “honorary” for their immense contributions to the path in the past.

Honorary Guides have played a major role in shaping the path into what it is today. Without their contributions, the path may not be in such a successful position that currently is today.

So, there are certainly Merchants like this that exist that are interested in assisting the path in a greater capacity. But wouldn’t that create more complex issues and more guides than necessary for a subpath? Why even create an “Honorary Guide” position? Let’s address these questions here:

1. Honorary Guides would have absolutely NO VOTING RIGHTS on ANY topic discussed on the upstairs board. They can, however, offer their opinion on any given topic at hand. Special circumstances may be made, with Elder approval, if the Honorary Guide was somehow directly involved in the topic at hand.

2. Honorary Guides are considered “inactive,” and as such, cannot perform engraves that result in the collection of money or items except under special, Elder pre-approved circumstances. If approved, the engrave money will go to either a combination of the Honorary Guide AND the path, or mostly to the path depending on the situation. Each of these engraves performed by an Honorary Guide are to be held on a case-by-case basis by the current Elder.

3. Honorary Guides will be the Guides that will be responsible for performing “freebie” engrave requests, such as engraves for event winners and organizations (clans, paths, etc.). This includes fulfilling unengrave requests by the general community.

4. Honorary Guides will also be responsible for event reward and general markings (Winner of X Merchant Events, Recovered the treasure X times, etc.).

5. Honorary Guides can at any time, but are not required, to train students. The same curriculum and final interview rules apply as Active Guides.

6. Switching from Honorary to Active Guide status can be accomplished at any time, with a MINIMUM of 30 days advance notice AND Elder approval. The Elder approval step is critical for switching to successfully occur.

7. By accepting the Honorary Guide position, both the Guide and the Elder understand that demotion or revoking of the Honorary status can occur at any time, for any reason. An Honorary Guide does not have to “do something wrong” in order to be demoted. The Honorary Guide is a privilege and serves a very different role and purpose than a contributing Active Guide.

8. By accepting the Honorary Guide position, both the Guide and the Elder understand that a “warning” is not required for a demotion/revoking to occur. All depending on path activity increases/decreases and game population inclines/declines, more or less Honorary Guides may or may not be required throughout the course of a year. Honorary Guides simply exist to help out the path in a greater capacity than a walker because of their ability to do so with their level of experience.

The responsibilities listed above will be the only duties required of Honorary Guides.

By establishing the Honorary Guide position, the Merchant Guild will benefit from both activity and experience. Honorary Guides will take on the more mundane responsibilities such as “freebie” engraves and event markings while active guides can focus on their real operational responsibilities.

Additionally, Honorary Guides will offer their knowledge, experience, and ideas to the Guide Circle and promote creativity and path progression. The Guild will benefit significantly from their experience alone in addition to their duties. Furthermore, this opportunity to advance in the guild will motivate individuals to work.