A plea to the community!

  One of our magnates is expecting his orders to be arrived
  from the neighbour land of Han this week. However, a
  news from his ordinary seller indicates that would be a
  delay due to the shipment restraint at the border of Han.
  He has met a contact inside our guild and inquire whether
  we can help him to supply him with the goods imminently,
  his export schedules just can not be delayed. As we also
  are running out of supplies, we would ask the community
  to help us in order to fulfill his sudden request of
  these following item:

     - 20 Metal
     - 20 Fine Metal
     - 30 Ginko Wood
     -  1 Level 50 Hand Item (Whisper Bracelet, Holy Ring,
                              Titanium Glove, or Sen Glove)

  All items MUST be turned in during MMM.

  Your help shall not go unrewarded, once MMM has ended
  you will receive recognition for your efforts.

    All of those who come to our aid will receive
  Recovered the Treasure (x) times on their legends.

  Kind regards,
  The Merchant Guild of Koguryo