/| ________________
      O|===|* >________________>
             '        __,  ,        ,
                     ,/ he |)evil's |)ance
                           '        '            .
                                  ______________ |\
                                 <______________< *|===|0
      A fury of fists, the clash of steel        '
       The cold sweat stinging against torn
         skin, an exhilirating adrenaline rush

            [Where:] Master Kyun’s Enclave (100, 158 Kungae)
          [Rewards:] 100,000c and a branding for top fighter
                      50,000c for second place 
                      25,000 for third place
            [Rules:] Land 3 hits on your opponent to win.
                     Weapon of choice.
                     Wagers will be mediated.           


The object is to land 3 successful hits on your opponent by taking turns attacking and defending.

At the beginning of the match, a two-sided coin will be flipped to determine who gets the first strike.

How to attack/score hit counts:

(-) The attacker will detail their move (IN ROLEPLAY FORM, KEEPING IN CHARACTER) and then /roll 0-10.  

(-) The defender will then /roll 0-10 BEFORE THEIR MOVE.  The reason for this is so that you can detail your move based on the outcome of the rolls.  


 - If the attacker rolls a 0, the defender gets a "counter" hit for a point as long as they roll 1+ followed by their scheduled attack.  This is the only exception to the defender getting the point for a higher roll.
 - If the defender rolls a 0, the attacker gets the point as long as they rolled a 1+, but also get a "follow up" attack while the defender has left themselves "open".
 - If both rolls are a tie, the move is "parried" and the attacker gets to move again.  This also applies if both fighters roll a 0.

All questions or concerns should be directed to the host(s) via. WHISPER.